As a School Leader, it is important to have an accurate list of classrooms and teachers connected to your school. This ensures that school-wide communications are being sent to the correct parents and teachers.

Here’s the checklist that you need to follow to help you better organize your school on ClassTag.

1. Graduate/archive Classrooms

As a best practice, we recommend that teachers archive their old classes and create new ones. Doing this will make the information being sent to the parents more relevant because it doesn’t contain any information sent to the old classes. You can send this video that will guide the teachers on how to properly archive their classes.

2. Update the School Directory

Review all the Classrooms, Teachers, and School Leaders that are connected to your school and remove whoever is no longer needed. If teachers who left the school forgot to disconnect their class and themselves from your school, you have the access to remove them completely from your School Directory page. You can also remove School Leaders who are no longer part of the school.

3. Create New Classrooms

As a School Leader, you can create a new classroom and invite teachers to join your school on ClassTag. If Teachers have already created their new classroom, you can also invite their classrooms to join your school. Once their classes are connected to your school, you’ll be able to get in touch with them and their student’s parents and they will be able to see school-wide Announcements and Events.


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