ClassTag Connect Districts and Schools can manually upload SIS files to ClassTag using a OneRoster compatible format.

You will need the following files to complete this process:

1. Please prepare these OneRoster files.

2. Update existing ClassTag Schools or classrooms.

  • You can follow the steps here if you are manually uploading files on the District level and Schools need to be updated too.

  • You can refer to this article for the steps on how to review and update existing ClassTag classrooms.

3. Self-check.

  • Please read this article to know what else you have to consider when uploading OneRoster files manually. This will help prevent issues in the future when you are ready to upload new and updated files.

4. Upload the OneRoster files.

  • NOTE: It is recommended that you upload the files as a Dry Run first before actually uploading them to make changes and updates to your District or School.

District Level

a. Go to the District page

b. Click the Settings tab

c. Click SIS Rostering

d. Upload users.csv, classes.csv, and enrollments.csv files

School Level

a. Go to the School page

b. Click the Settings page

c. Click SIS Rostering

d. Upload users.csv, classes.csv, and enrollments.csv files

5. Check the upload results.

  • You will find the results of the uploaded files right at the bottom of the Manual SIS Uploaders page.

  • Click the arrow to download the results. Make sure everything shows SUCCESS.

  • If you see any errors, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you in correcting them.

6. Merge duplicated Students.

  • If you chose not to archive all students before the sync, there will most likely be duplicates. To merge them, please follow the steps in this article.

    You are all set! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at if you experience any issues with these steps.


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