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What are ClassTag Connect’s Broadcast Announcements?
What are ClassTag Connect’s Broadcast Announcements?

Overview of ClassTag Connect's Broadcast Announcements

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ClassTag Connect is a premium version of the ClassTag platform. Districts and Schools that have been using Connect have enjoyed additional features such as Reports, Announcements, and Events.

School districts have a need to send messages on an emergency basis to parents and students. To address this need, ClassTag introduces Broadcast Announcements to allow School administrators to reach every parent and student through email, text, and voice, either urgently or normally, with precise real-time feedback on delivery for each family.

ClassTag Connect School Administrators can now send announcements in four different ways, depending on the urgency, platform, and target audience.

**Please note that these features are only available for ClassTag Connect customers.

Send important announcements with urgency and maximum reach

District Leaders can send urgent or important announcements that override users' notification settings. Priority Announcements will be sent to all contact information a user saved on their profile regardless of their selected notification method. This is to ensure that no users within the district miss this announcement.

Contact families with phone calls that play pre-recorded messages

Announcements sent as a Voice Broadcast will trigger an automated call to the users’ phone numbers. District Leaders can upload pre-recorded announcements and send this as Voice Broadcast Announcements. Uploaded messages will be delivered as phone calls, left as voice messages, and can be played online when users log into ClassTag.

Relay certain announcements to both students and families

District Leaders can now send announcements that reach students in addition to parents/guardians. This will be sent to the student’s email addresses that are linked to OneRoster, Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classroom.

Publish announcements on your social channels including Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

District Leaders can create announcements that can be shared outside of ClassTag. These announcements can be viewed by anyone even without a ClassTag account.


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