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How do I sync my Connect Account using OneRoster?
How do I sync my Connect Account using OneRoster?
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SchoolStatus Connect offers roster synchronization and single sign-on (SSO) with Clever and ClassLink.

Alternatively, districts and schools can set up roster synchronization by pushing OneRoster-formatted CSV files from their student information system (SIS) via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to SchoolStatus, or manually upload OneRoster-formatted files on Connect.

If your school or district is already using Connect, please follow the steps below to set up SFTP roster synchronization.

1. Prepare an SFTP folder

In order to set up an automated SFTP sync, you need to have an SFTP folder to drop OneRoster-formatted CSV files. You can use a folder on your site or, if you don’t have one, the support team will be happy to give you access to our site. Please let us know the option you prefer at

2. Send OneRoster CSV files to the SFTP folder

Please upload the following OneRoster files to the SFTP folder:

  • users.csv

  • classes.csv

  • enrollments.csv

Please find the requirements and examples of these files here.

If it is easier for you to upload a ZIP archive with OneRoster CSV files, that’s also supported. Connect will automatically extract the necessary files before processing.

Please double-check the contents of your files and make sure that you’re not oversharing data with Connect.

3. Match Connect schools with OneRoster schools

Please add School IDs to existing schools on Connect to match them with the schools in your OneRoster data. Please click here to know more about how to add School IDs to existing Connect Schools.

4. Update existing Connect classrooms

If you already have pre-existing classrooms in your Connect account prior to your OneRoster sync, similar to matching Connect Schools with OneRoster schools, you can also sync existing Classrooms with OneRoster Classrooms. Please click here to see other options or how to sync the Classrooms.

5. Modify sync settings

Adjust Connect sync settings to make sure they meet your needs. Please click here to see more information.

6. Self-Check

Please review everything again to ensure all is set up as desired. Open this article to know more about what else you have to check and consider before enabling the sync.

7. Enable and launch the sync

Enable the sync and save settings when you’re ready. Please click here to see how.

8. Check the sync results

After the sync is complete, please check the sync reports to verify that staff, students, classrooms, and parents/guardians are added to the District and School Directories and Classroom pages.

9. Clean up student data.

There are two main parts to cleaning up the student data. They are:

  • Archiving students who are not part of the sync.

  • Merging student duplicates. It helps to have all student data (announcements, backpacks, interaction logs, student attributes, other) linked to a single student vs spread across multiple students.

If you only sync one school, please archive students from the School Directory.

If you sync all schools in your district, you can archive students from the District Directory.

If you sync some but not all schools in a district, please archive students from a School Directory, and then repeat it for every syncing school.

You can feel free to select and archive all students in Directory. If your sync is enabled, the sync-managed students won't get archived. Meaning that you'll only archive students who are not part of the sync.

Please see this article for more information on how to archive students.

To merge student duplicates, please follow the steps in this article.

You are all set once all 9 steps are completed! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at if you experience any issues or have any questions related to these steps.


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